Business, ICT, Management ​& Financial Services. ​
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TAAB offers a range of Business, ICT, Management and Financial Services courses geared towards employment.

Life-long Learning

We provide a partnership with our students that can last a lifetime. Our training and education is nationally accredited under the Australian Qualifications Training framework. Through our various strategic alliances your education and training throughout your entire career is not limited to any particular geographical region. We see this as an important capacity for individuals who wish to explore a future from remote and regional areas.​

Recognition of prior learning

TAAB recognises prior learning or current competencies and provides direct credits and assistance with applying for recognition of prior learning, where relevant.

Student Support Services

TAAB has established student support services to ensure that all aspects of the students’ educational life are supported when and if required. Some of the services are: Language, literacy and numeracy assistance • Pastoral care and Counselling • Academic study support • Safety and security

We provide direct credits and assistance with applying for
recognition of prior learning

TAAB Executive team, trainers and assessors have a unique transition process that identifies each student’s inherent capacity. This process enables the design of an individual career progression plan, which leads to the development of that individual to their fullest potential. In each course, TAAB provide a boutique learning environment by restricting each class size to no more than 10 students.

3 Reasons to Study with The Australian Academy of Business today.

1. Uniqueness of the Individual

One of our core values at TAAB is to recognise the uniqueness and worth of each individual. Our challenge, as learning facilitators, is to assist you to tap into your hidden potential. All TAAB’s course numbers are kept small and personal. We act as your coach.

2. Investment for the future

“Life is not a dress rehearsal.” The early part of your career development provides a sound basis that will then enable you to springboard into several careers that you will have in your lifetime. It will provide you with the comfort and security of understanding your own capacity to deal with an ever-changing world.

3. Industry Placement and Employment

TAAB courses and qualifications will make you more readily employable. We Focus on the Uniqueness of the Individual, and, Investment for the future

We care about Student Feedback

How do I enrol in a course?

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If you’re not sure about anything relating to your course before enrolment, give us a call or send an inquiry.​

Complete The Enrolment Form

You can start your new career today, just read through the Student Handbook then submit the online enrolment form. Upload any support documents from the Document Portal located on the enrolment form.

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